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Tom has worked with Kerry since he moved to his current yard in Gloucester in 2016. He is incredibly lucky to have one of the leading equine physiotherapists based so close to him. Kerry is a regular visitor to the yard and works at injury prevention as well as performance and joint mobility improvement, stride length increase and improved circulation. The horses are visibly improved after her visits

Kerry is a member of The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (ACPAT). As an ACPAT member she is  a fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapist (MCSP) having trained in physiotherapy and rehabilitation for animals. She is used by many of the top professional riders and was one of the physios to supported Team GB in the World Equestrian Games in North Carolina, USA 2018. She is an invaluable member of Tom’s team.



Charlie was born into a long dynasty of racing and hunting experts. Horses are very much in his blood and he is arguably one of the top amateur point-to-point riders in the country. His extensive experience of performance horses together with his passion for excellence make him a truly exceptional farrier.

The balance of a horse’s foot and its health has a huge impact on the quality of its movement. Charlie does a fantastic job time after time and continues to ensure that the horses are shod immaculately. He also makes sure that all the horses feet are in prime condition throughout the year.

Mother & Trainer


Brigid is Tom’s mother and is at the very heart of the team. She is an exceptionally talented rider in her own right and has had a career in horses that has extended over 4 decades. 


Brigid originally trained with Jennie Lorriston-Clark - one of Britain’s leading riders and trainers who represented Great Britain in four Olympic games from Munich to Los Angeles. From there, Brigid went to Germany to train with Herbert Rehbein, the renowned International dressage trainer, where she stayed for 5 years competing up to Grand Prix level. 


She then returned to England and based herself with Lucinda Green (then Prior-Palmer). She trained Lucinda - 6 times Badminton winner - as well as Mark Todd and many other 5* eventers.


Brigid is passionate in her support of Tom and plays a pivotal role in the team. She works with Tom on a weekly basis through the year and there is rarely an event that she does not attend. She also has the unenviable role of entries secretary. Pretty much a full time position, as those of you will know.

Head Groom
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Tom's Head Girl Jodie is wonderful. She learnt her trade as a working pupil with Olympic gold medalist Laura Collet and has continued growing her knowledge and experience at numerous other high level yards. 

She started with Tom in 2021, attending shows as his Competition Groom and is now in full charge of the yard, and of course Tom himself! 

Jodie is not only an exceptional Head Girl, she is kind, caring and passionate about the sport and ensuring Tom's horses always have the best 5* treatment. 

Jodie is an asset to the team and we certainly couldn't cope without her. 

Dressage Trainer


Tom has worked with Laura since early 2019 when she moved close to Tom’s yard in Gloucestershire. Laura hardly needs any introduction - she started her senior dressage team career in 2006 in Aachen and has gone on to ride at the Beijing Olympics; in the European Championships in Windsor where she won team silver and individual bronze; the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky where she won 3 silver medals, 2 individual and 1 team; at the European Championships in 2011 where she won team gold and an individual bronze and also in that year became National Champion. 2012 witnessed her win a  team gold medal and individual bronze in the London Olympics. She has subsequently gone on to have 3 children.


Tom is thrilled to be able to work with Laura as she has a wonderful feel and understanding with both horses (and riders). She is very sympathetic and also extremely clear that the basic rhythm and balance must be correct before the horse can progress. She is in favour of letting the horses learn through positive experience and so produces calm, confident and balanced results.

Show Jump Trainer
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Grant is New Zealand born and is now based in Belgium. Grant represented New Zealand at Nations Cup Level and rode at the 2006 World Equestrian Games at Aachen. He is the show jump trainer for the Irish Eventing team as well as many other top eventers. 


Tom was delighted to be able to work with Grant not only because he has competed at the highest level himself but, also that he has considerable experience working with event horses up to olympic level. He, rather like Laura works mainly on rhythm and routine so these two trainers work well together. He likes to keep the horses forward to a jump and lets them learn through their own mistakes so that they are using their own brains to clear the obstacles. (very useful for event horses)



Tom is incredibly lucky to have one of the most sought after equine vets in the country based only 20 minutes away from the yard. 

Liz qualified from Cambridge in 1995 and runs her own practice specialising in performance horses based near Marlborough. She was stable vet at Burghley Horse Trials for nine years  and was appointed as British Eventing Team Vet in 2009. Liz also led the veterinarian team at the London Olympics in 2012 and Rio in 2016.

Her knowledge of event horses is second to none and having her experience and ability on hand installs the whole team with confidence.

Saracen Horse Feeds
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Lucy Sweeting

Lucy is a nutritional feed advisor for Saracen Horse Feeds.  She has specialised in equine nutrition for some years developing a particular interest in event horses and their particular needs from novice horses through to 5*.

She has worked with Tom for some time now and is involved on a regular basis assessing the changing needs of the horses depending on their individual careers and subsequent needs. She provides ration plans tailored to each horse to help to achieve the horse’s optimum health and mental well-being. The whole yard has flourished under her attention.

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