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DOB:. 2011

BREEDING BY:. Womanizer Out of  Kilmeague Clover

OWNERS:. Joan and Steve Bessex

LEVEL:. Intermediate / 3*

Tom found Paul in a showjumping yard in Ireland. He is by a stallion called Womanizer and, as with a lot of his progeny, Paul has a very high opinion of himself. He is a real character and his attitude to life is to bounce through it. He likes nothing better than being the centre of attention. He has boundless energy and great charisma and, when he settles down, he will be one to watch.


He was 6 when Tom got him into the yard and did not start eventing till his 7th year. He has since shot up through the ranks. He has matured enormously this winter and we are hoping for great things from him going forward.



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DOB:. 2012

BREEDING BY:. Quasimodo Z out of Amendini Ledima

OWNER:. Brigid Grant

LEVEL:.  Intermediate / 3*

Simon is a big gangly horse who has yet to grow into himself. He is immensely powerful and has to learn to control that movement.


The training for every horse is different depending on their character, physical make up and ability. Simon has been given time to finish growing and has therefore been taken slowly in the summer when the ground is harder. He has done some team chasing in the winter month’s which have helped him be quick footed and brave.


He is a very honest horse who tries his best and who we hope will one day  be a 5* horse. 



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DOB:. 2012

BREEDING BY:. Pacino Out of Esker High Rise

OWNER:.  Sophie Arnold , Tom Grant

LEVEL:.  Novice / 2*

The day Max was found in a yard in Ireland was probably one of the wettest days on record, or so it felt. Tom had gone to Ireland to look at horses and had about 30 lined up to see. One rather indifferent horse after another was brought out until Max.  He was a little brown, rather out of control horse but he could jump! He had been touted round as a show-jumper but it was pretty clear that his confirmation made him far more suitable to event. At the point that Tom bought him he had never been cross country but he is proving to be one of the boldest horses Tom has ever ridden.


Tom is hoping that this horse is going to go all the way. He is being taken slowly to realise the full potential of this sparky little horse. One to watch for Badminton!



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DOB:. 2013

BREEDING BY:. West Coast Cavalier Out of Sun Valley Beauty

OWNER:. Tom Grant and John Mastin

LEVEL:.  Novice

Soc is a very big young horse - 18 hands - and with Tom being very tall they are perfect match. Tom part bought into Soc last year. He came from a show jumping yard and had never seen a cross country fence until 2019. 


As with others in Tom’s yard, he is being given time to grow and establish the sort of muscle a horse of his size needs. He is quite a difficult horse to manage from the ground, partly because of his size and take on life. He is however incredibly brave and honest under saddle and has been placed every time out so far. We are hoping he will be a star of the future.



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DOB:. 2014

BREEDING BY:. Loch Cruise out of Glandoran Hope

OWNER:.  Mynde Park Syndicate

Pinkie is an Irish bred horse with impeccable eventing credentials. Tom bought him on one of his Irish excursions as a just backed 3 year old. Anyone who knows anything about bringing young horses over from Ireland will understand that by the time they get off the ferry they have pretty much forgotten anything that they might have learnt. So Tom went back to the beginning and spent a very quiet first year with Pinkie He was just 16.2 hands when he came over and now stands at just over 17 hands - another reason to take him slowly


Pinkie has now matured and is coming along really well. Although only at the start of his eventing career, he is exceptionally bold and careful and is showing great promise. He has been placed on every outing so far. He is the sweetest of horses and a real pleasure to handle.


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