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Syndicate Ownership

Tom has developed a method of syndication that means that anyone with a disposable income of £150 per month can be part of, and enjoy, the immense satisfaction that comes with being an owner of an event horse.


The scheme works best with a group of 10-12 people who already have some sort of connection with each other. So it is ideal for people who already operate in a group, anything from a rugby club to a book club. However, if you are interested and do not have such a group we can introduce you to others who would like to form a syndicate.


Please contact Tom for more details here

Current Syndicates

I am incredibly excited to have the support of the Mynde Estate syndicate. I was invited to dinner, one cold night last November, and met a group of people who all knew each other and gathered at the Mynde on an annual basis. They agreed to come together and form a syndicate to support me on a very exciting young horse.


2020 has not been the season we hoped it would be but thank you all! I am super excited about what is to come


Sarah and Richard Burt

Will and Rachel Denham

Marc and Deborah Stevenson

Mark and Alison Scott

Candida and Rob 

Sarah Brennan

Ann Snowden

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